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Cake Art Divas is a collaboration of two sister-in-laws.  Both Tawnya and Kris have been doing cakes for the last five years, although,  never in the same state.  Once we realized that we both had the same vision and talent, we started talking about making it into a business.  However, it would be three years before we would be in the same area so it seemed like a very distant dream.  Three years have passed and God has made a path for the families to be together, therefore, sparking the creation of Cake Art Divas. We are both very passionate about creating "Cake Art" that reflects your special occasion or event. Now that we are on the same coast, we are so excited to help make your sweet memories even sweeter.  Thank you for taking your time to get to know the story of Cake Art Divas.  Life is Art, why not eat it!

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